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The Confucius Institute of Education (dba Confederation Institute of Education) was funded and incorporated in California on August, 2014, focuses on research and teaching for entrepreneurial education offers industry-specific, executive development programs designed to develop essential skills and to build effective and profitable organizations.

Confucius Institute of Education ( CIE ) Programs provide participants with up-to-date theory and practice in such areas as strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and management. In addition to a varied curriculum of lectures by distinguished CIE faculty, many programs allow participants to receive individualized consultative assistance to confront issues facing today’s enterprises.

Across the country are increasingly offering as an option for students. The CIE supports business in starting and developing the teaching and learning of International Entrepreneurs and the study of Asia across other areas of the curriculum. As well as a team of specialists in Los Angeles, the CIE has a network of training classrooms across Asian countries, schools which have both Chinese firmly embedded in their own curriculum and which give advice, support and taster classes to other schools in their region looking to start offering programs. The CIE is a bilateral project with universities and business schools in the United States and China.

We Have More Research for You

Do you dream of starting your own business? Turn your dream into reality by learning the best practices and real-world skills that make small businesses work.

Starting or managing a small business requires you to wear many hats: leader, fundraiser, strategic planner, marketer, salesperson, and human resources manager. This doesn’t mean that your dream of running your own business is impossible. It just means that you need to gain specific skills in many different areas of business. CIE’s small business and entrepreneurship certificate or specialization is designed to give you those skills.

Through a broad range of small business courses, you’ll gain the practical skills you need to successfully plan and manage your enterprise, from the planning stages, to managing growth and hiring employees.

This program consists of five upper division small business and entrepreneurship courses for a total of 15 to 100 hours.

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The CIE is an approved 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profits organization by IRS.