Start a Model UN programs

Making Model UN Accessible

Model UN is a rewarding activity, As a global leader in Model UN, CIE Global programs has compiled a number of resources to help you begin your Model UN experience with confidence.

Getting Started frist Stept

Whether you are starting from scratch, or starting a new school year, our guides will help answer your questions and inform your decisions as you learn to love Model UN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Never done Model UN before? Moving your team to the next level? Check out our wide-ranging answers on the topics we are asked about the most.

Start a Model UN programs

For those looking to create a program in their school, our guide to starting a club offers practical, chronologically-ordered advice to get you on the right track.

Plan a Model UN Conference

From idea to reality, our comprehensive guide to planning a Model UN conference includes detailed, step-by-step instructions, compiled by CIE’s conference planning professionals.

Model UN Glossary

The A to Z of Model UN. Our glossary contains clear definitions for the most popular and universal Model UN terms in use.

The basic building blocks of the world’s most exciting academic simulation. From frequently asked questions and common terms, to starting your own Model UN team or conference, we’ll help you get going.

Intergenerational Model UN

CIE is doing exciting new things with Model United Nations by engaging in Intergenerational Model UN.

CIE individuals of all ages, from middle school students to advanced professionals to retired persons, simulate the work of UN ambassadors to debate issues that appear on the UN agenda, including: peace and security; human rights; and global health. The program brings together generations of UN supporters and furthers their engagement with international issues, while helping develop the skills necessary for solving global problems.

For more than 60 years, Model UN has thrived in high schools and colleges across the world. CIE adds a new facet to CIE’s will robust Model UN program, Global Classrooms. Chapters can use CIE model to help bring new audiences to the Chapter and engage them with the work of CIE

Model UN Preparation

A complete catalogue of tips, tricks, terms and resources to help you understand and improve you Model UN performance. Learn more about every aspect of the activity, including research, writing, and speaking.