Certification of International Entrepreneurship Courses:

Take Your Career to the Next Level

CIE certificate programs combine the practical experiences employers demand, with the flexibility you require. We continually review and adapt our programs to ensure you get more than an education—you get the skills and knowledge to stand out in your field.

International Business Programs (Certificate)

Build the critical international business skills you need to advance your career and excel in high-performing organizations. Our diverse range of programs allows you to specialize in a variety of fields. You receive practical learning integrated with today’s most sought-after knowledge areas: globalization, ethical leadership, business communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and technology.

Accounting & Finance Programs (Certificate)

New government regulations and greater scrutiny of corporate finances continue to fuel the need for professionals for skilled accounting and finance professionals. CIE programs integrate business disciplines to provide the strategic perspective you need to interact effectively and make key business decisions.

Human Resource Management Programs (Certificate)

Today’s human resource managers are increasingly viewed as strategic business partners and are expected to combine specialized HR knowledge and with business needs and strategies. CIE programs deepen your human resources expertise and strengthen your ability to think beyond functional boundaries. You will be positioned to become an important partner in developing and implementing workplace strategies that deliver business results.

Health Care Management Programs (Certificate)

Increase your career potential by developing and nurturing the skills and knowledge you need to perform effectively within the fast-growing field of health care management. To help you build a solid foundation of industry and business knowledge and high-level skills, CIE programs integrate multiple disciplines to prepare you to excel in a cross-functional business environment.

Business Project Management (Certificate)

Build the skills to research, analyze, and evaluate current project management methods, anticipate new developments in project management, and lead the field in new directions. CIE business project management programs merge comprehensive core courses with hands-on practice managing virtual teams.

Business Chinese Course (Certificate)

Business Chinese is more business oriented and is designed to suit the needs of persons working and doing business in China. Anyone who travels internationally or has worked overseas knows how invaluable language skills are. The goodwill and credibility a business professional gains from communicating in another language can make the difference between success and failure in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. China’s dramatic economic growth over the past decade has fueled a world-wide demand for learning Mandarin Chinese language. There is a growing need for bilingual employees at nearly every company. The frequent problems that today’s businesses are constantly facing are not only the language barriers but also lack of knowledge on the Chinese business etiquette and enterprise culture. Our unique way of teaching has helped many business professionals to learn Chinese and lower these language barriers. Our Business Mandarin Course combines standard Mandarin Chinese with industry specific and dialogue which helps you easily handle the complexities of your business environment. Our goal is to teach our clients to become able to communicate with Chinese as well as to acquire a better understanding of Chinese business and culture. 


Confucius Institute of Education ( CIE ) will celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 November 18-20 with a series of events and activities. The CIE events are part of the hundereds of events in 10+ countries celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and creat​​​ivity during American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) In its eighth year, AICC brings together aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs, helping them embrace originality, imagination, and ingenuit​y through local, national, and global activities.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the international celebration of the innovators and job creators that launch startups in which ideas come to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. Here you will learn about the wide range of workshops, seminars, courses, events and conferences.