Day: December 19, 2021

The Golden Diamond Awards winners were announced at the 3rd Annual Asian Film Festival awards ceremony in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec 19 – Today, The 3rd Asian Film Festival Golden Diamond Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles. The event’s red carpet scene was spectacular and the award stage was full of stars. Academy Award winning directors, Hollywood stars, producers, investors and Asian Film Festival ‘s filmmakers are once again gathering together to celebrate.

Holmes Stoner, Chairman of the Asian Film Festival; Leith Enron, Co-Chairwoman of the Asian Film Festival; Inge Sawerthal, President of the American Chamber of International Commerce; Richard Anderson, Oscar winner and Emmy Winner and Mariana Tse, former US Assistant Secretary of Education, As well as Asian Film Festival judges representatives Amber Martinez and Francesca Gioia Drommi and other awards guests on stage at Golden Diamond Awards ceremony to award Best Future, Best Documentary, Best Animation winners, As well as the Best New Director, Best New Actress, Best Child Actor and Best Child Actress award were presented with a Golden Diamond Awards trophy and certificate.

Chinese feature film “Run. Shunzi” Leading actress Xu Yuan won the golden Diamond Award for Best Actress. Xu won much attention for her performance as Zhang Shunzi, the heroine of the movie, which depicts a young amateur athlete who becomes a professional athlete and continues to make miracles.

Jason Quin, The executive chairman of the Asian Film Festival Los Angeles delivered a speech via video on the ceremony today, He announced that the 4th Asian Film Festival was launched at the same time and will be open for application soon.

Following is the full list of the 3rd Golden Diamond Awards winners:

Best Feature: “Winter in LA”, USA
Best Foreign Language Film: “Four Ever Young”, China
Best Documentary: “Song of Little Saigon”, USA
Best Animation: “Nai Nai”, USA
Best Short Film: “Hell in a Handbasket”, Canada
Best Documentary Short: “Believer”, China
Best Student Short: ” Magician: Game of Detective”, China
Best Director: “The Road to Eden”, Kyrgyzstan
Best First Director:
“Take it Easy”, USA, Suja Raghuram Manoj
Best Director Student: ” One Afternoon”, China, Yumin Zhang
Best Script: “Like Rainbow”, Iran, Behrad Sahebgharani
Best Cinematography: ”Path To The Sky”, Sammy Su, Canada
Best Production Design: “Bloody Romeo”, Canada, Alina Lapteva
Best Music: “A Paper Plane Ride Home”, USA, Georgia Conrad
Best Actor: “The Road to Eden”, Kyrgyzstan, Bakyt Mukul
Best Actress: “Run! Shunzi”, China, Yuan Xu
Best New Actress: “An Hero”, USA, Tyler Li Stoner
Best Child Actor: “Snails”, USA, Aiden Lu
Best Child Actress: “Where the Light Ends”, China, Zili Zhang



亚洲电影节主席霍姆斯·斯托纳(Holmes Stoner )、亚洲电影节共同主办利兹·莱顿(Leith Enron ),美国国际商会会长英格·萨沃塔尔(Inge Sawerthal),奥斯卡金像得主、艾美奖得主理查德·安德森(Richard Andson),前美国教育部助理副部长张曼君(Mariana Tse),以及亚洲电影节评委代表安伯·马丁内斯(Amber Martinez)和弗朗西斯卡·德罗米(Francesca Gioia Drommi)等颁奖嘉宾,在今天金钻奖颁奖盛典的舞台上给最佳影片奖、最佳纪录片奖、最佳动画片奖获得导演,以及最佳新导演奖、最佳新秀奖、最佳儿童演员奖、最佳儿童女演员奖获奖者分别颁发了金钻奖奖杯和证书。


联盟智库连续三年参与联合主办和支持AFF亚洲电影节再次取得了园满成功。AFF亚洲电影节执行主席秦嘉豪(Jason Quin)通过视频发表了致辞,并宣布2022年第四届AFF亚洲电影节同时启动,即将于2022年1月12日全面开放申请。