Upcoming: 2018 Miss Asia International Pageant Final – Los Angeles

We cordially invite you to join us in this grand occasion.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

506 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90071

The Miss Asia International Pageant is one of the world’s most prestigious beauty pageants hosted by the American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) and one of the most prestigious competitions under the Miss Asia International Pageant Committee. The winner of the Miss Asian International Pageant selected, evaluated and promoted worldwide is an outstanding representative of Asian women. Their oriental beauty in appearance, intellectual and spiritual shaping is the epitome of the overall characteristics of Asian women and the common pride of Asian ethnic groups around the world. So far, the competition has successfully held 29 sessions. The 30th Miss Asia International Pageant Final Los Angeles will be held at the Millennium Hotel Los Angeles on Dec 8, 2018.

The China division of this year’s Miss Asia International Pageant has successfully held the region finals in Shenyang and the Chengdu in this September and October 2018. The China Final was successfully held in Beijing on November 11st 2018

The annual Miss Asia International Pageant has become the most famous beauty pageant in China and Asian countries. Through the beauty pageant contest, the diversity of Asian ethnic culture in the United States and the beauty that Asian women have both in common and distinctive features are shown. The contest is a huge public cultural activities, 2018 Miss Asia International Pageant of all the sponsorship benefits, all will be donated to the 501 (c) (3) non-profit cultural education research institutions – The Confucius Institute of Education, dba Confederation Institute of Education (CIE), a think tank, help implement the “Asian Youth Culture Innovation Entrepreneurship Volunteers Project ” of public welfare undertakings, and promote the minority cultures of innovation entrepreneurship research cooperation and exchanges.

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